Subprime Loans

What Do You Need to Know About Subprime Loans?

Subprime loan definition was made up after crisis that took place in 2008 and since then it was used to describe “high risk” loans. For now the majority of debts made are stated to be subprime. Subprime loan characteristics: borrower has low credit high interest rate low repay rate Borrower Has Low Credit Usually thatContinue reading

Business loans you have probably not heard about!

Applying for conventional business loans could be quite challenging at times. There are tons of criteria which your potential lender evaluates before making a decision about your trustworthiness. Often, when you have not high enough credit score you could be rated as a subprime borrower which means your percentage rate will be higher than youContinue reading

Debt Consolidation   

Debt consolidation: how it works and who can use it

Having several consumer loans can turn into a real burden, draining you not only financially but also psychologically. Every month you have to calculate different fees to pay, keeping in mind repayment dates, so sooner or later an irresistible wish to start everything from the clean slate appears. This is where the debt consolidation comesContinue reading

Personal Loan

Top Ten lenders to apply for a Personal Loan in the 2017 year

It’s important to know that not only banks can lend you money, but also commercial companies who usually offer the more attractive terms. Statistically, a Personal loan is the most demanded and common type of loans, so the following review will come in handy the day you will decide you need to borrow money forContinue reading